Fishermen,deeply suffering from this situation -picture illustration-

Fishermen, fishmongers fishermen's helpers, retailers, the staff, still on the old site, don't know where to turn. At the origin of this shortage denounce fishermen, the dilapidated installations of Togolese society of water (TDE) and the inaction since the shortage is reported.

"When we noticed the shortage, we approached the port authorities who explained that it was due to the facilities of TDE that they have to change everything and that it'll take some time", reports Pierre Koudouvor, general secretary of the fishing community at the fishing port of Lome.

The water points served above all to wash the fish auction and benefited fishermen, fishmongers, food sellers, in short, all operators of the site. According to them, the lack of water poses a serious problem of safety and hygiene on the auction where fish land.

"Usually, we sweep the waste before washing with water but since the shortage, we don't wash anymore because we are only two and we cannot wash all the surface with sea ​​water, so we just sweep", confesses Komedja Messan, maintenance officer.

PAL promises a quick solution

The shortage of water did not affect the fishing port only , the autonomous port of Lome (PAL) was also affected but, a solution was quickly found.

PAL reacted, triggered the operation of its water tower and the situation returned to normal throughout the port area but users of the fishing port do not understand why the water still does not reach them.

"Neither those who wash the wharf and fishermen, nor the staff and those  who sell food have water. We are deeply suffering from this situation that is why we urge the directory to help us," said Napoko Ali, officer in charge of water supply and security at the wharf of Lome fishing port.

"Currently, the connection to the water tower stopped 200 meters from the fishing port, but the company in charge of the work guaranteed us that the fishing port will be connected in three weeks. Before that, we are making arrangements to ensure that within two weeks at most, a borehole is operational as a precaution", promises Kouevi Folly, technical director of the autonomous port of Lome.

For now, the fishing community mobilizes once a week, all those who operate in the enclosure to draw seawater to clean the auction. TDE is awaited to help!

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