The destiny of Togo must be built by we who live in Togo and you who live beyond the borders (picture AGD/A.E)

"We believe that from now, the destiny of Togo must be built by we who live in Togo and you who live beyond the borders," admits Professor Robert Dussey, Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Togolese of abroad in his inaugural speech of the forum HCTE- diaspora success.

The minister welcomed the mobilization of the diaspora around the forum opened Thursday in Lome and which will lead to the official installation of the High Council of Togolese of Abroad (HCTE).

"Because there is no choice without commitment, sometimes without sacrifices, the choice to be a delegate commits you to work for the cause of the national development", minister Dussey told the 77 country delegates elected last September.

"Truthfully, we want to opt for the functional capability of your work and the indispensability of your desire to contribute to the development of our country," he clarifies.

This two-day event will allow the various country delegates to better understand their roles, status, relations with diplomatic and consular missions and to have useful information on the facilities that the nation offers to the diaspora talking of accompaniment.

Mobilization of the diaspora around the forum

"You will be better equipped to effectively participate in the recovery of the challenge of economic, social and cultural development of Togo, to facilitate the dialogue between the Togolese government and the diaspora and to serve as a reliable channel of permanent information. Make sure you have a roadmap and a plan of action and organize periodic meetings," said Victor Womitso, chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission of the High Council of the Togolese from abroad.

"My role as a country delegate is to facilitate communication between compatriots and the Togolese government, to seize the government on the concerns of Togolese in Nigeria," says Atsou Dodzi Edmond, country delegate in Nigeria.

Through this high council of Togolese of abroad, the government hopes to mobilize the entire diaspora to invest more in Togo, particularly in the national development plan (PND 2018-2022).

"We Togolese living in Nigeria, we want to return to invest in all areas including agriculture. But we have a lot of concerns including the problem of establishing papers.

To establish the passport for example, we use to come back in Togo. So, we hope that this problem will be solved thanks to the high council of togolese abroad," he confessed to agridigitale.

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