The target of 200,000 tons of seed cotton to be reached by 2022

After an elective general assembly held in Dapaong (North-Togo), the FNGPC composed of 2995 grassroots groups, 27 Prefectural Unions and 05 Regional Unions has elected Kouroufeï Koussouwe as new president in replacement of Yosso Hodabalo whose mandate has just ended.

The new staff of eleven members is committed to continuing the development of school fields, modernizing farming practices, the introduction of techniques to obtain a better yield per hectare, the choice of seeds for good productivity.

"I am very familiar with the challenges of the sector, we need to go to the producers to mobilize them in order to implement good farming practices to improve the yield," said Koussouwe.

One of the main projects on which Mr. Koussouwe and his team are expected is the meeting of 2022, where the sector will have to produce 200,000 tons. "If there is the yield per hectare, we know that we can achieve the vision of the Head of the State which is a goal for us," he said.

In recent years, the sector has performed well. Between 2018 and 2019, the results of the campaign increased from 117 000 to 137 000 tons of seed cotton, a net increase of 17%. The cotton sector contributes to the economy up to 4.3% of the national GDP.

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