For Minister Bataka, "challenges are made to be met"

According to the Minister of Agriculture, Noël Koutera Bataka, received Sunday on New World TV, the mobilization is under way, and the total amount will be unveiled to the public on November 2nd.

Yet, from Monday, the call for the two mobile companies (Moov and Togocel) was also heard, and a raffle will be launched by the two mobile operators.

"Those who make donations will be selected. A short number will be set up and on October 18, the first winners will be known", he said adding that there is even the possibility to win tickets for France and visit farms.

For Minister Bataka, "challenges are made to be met". He believes that the goal of zero hunger can be achieved if everyone gets to work and committed to fighting hunger in the world. In addition to financial resources, donations of agricultural equipment are also expected.

"We don't start a business to fall, we will ensure that donors can also monitor through a device that will be put in place", he promised.

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