Togo, greener than ever

In Togo, satellite images revealed 1,381,000 hectares of forest. Fetched to the extent of Togo (56,600km2), it gives 24.24% of national forest cover rate against a valuation of 6.8% made a few years ago.

This is thanks to the Support Program for the Reduction of Emissions related to Deforestation and Degradation (REDD +) and the Rehabilitation of Forests in Togo (ProREDD).

Implemented since 2015 for five years, ProREDD will definitively end in June 2019 with encouraging results. Financed by GIZ for € 5 million that is 3 275 million CFA, ProREDD aimed at supporting Togo in forest rehabilitation.

Three localities have been selected for the project, namely Tsevie (maritime region), Kpalime (plateaux region) and Sokode (central region) with models of sustainable forest management.

These include the restoration of the forest landscape (maritime), co-management of a state forest (plateaux) and community forest management (central). The first national forest inventory was conducted between 2015 and 2016 with a national forest cover of 24.24%.

"At the level of West Africa, this is a case in point, and in our opinion these different results are very significant in that when they are combined with those of REDD +, we realize that we have reliable data for sustainable management of forest resources," declared David Oladokoun, Minister for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Nature Protection.

Andreas Schleenbaecker, head of ProREDD GIZ program, guest of Togolese Television (TVT) program "Togo en marche" on Thursday said that "ProREDD has also helped strengthen the capacities of more than two thousand actors involved in the management of tools of forests sustainable management."

"With all these achievements, Togo is preparing for the REDD phase itself. The various results of ProREDD helped design the first version of the national REDD + strategy as part of the REDD readiness project," he said.

ProREDD is the result of the cooperation between Togo and Germany. It aims to improve the conditions of the technical and institutional frameworks for the effective implementation of the national REDD + strategy and the rehabilitation of forests in Togo.

The initial objective is to reach a forest area of 450,000 hectares, representing a total area of 8% of the country. The results are encouraging today, although efforts are still needed to reach a high level of vegetation cover.

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