Togo is expected on July 25 and 26 at the Hungary-Togo Forum in Budapest

This forum is the second specially organized for both countries. The aim is to strengthen the links of cooperation and bilateral relations that is being drawn. According to the organising committee, Hungary is a very advanced country in agriculture and can help modernize Togolese agriculture.

"When we talk of modernization of agriculture, we must talk about agricultural credit, better structure the field to allow farmers so that they have easy access to credit", said Nouwozan Kokou Langueh, head of the international office for studies, trade and entrepreneurship Hungary-Togo (BIECE-TH).

In Budapest, Togo will be able to learn the technics and procedures used in this field to improve its agricultural sector.

At the first Togo-EU economic forum last week in Lome, Hungarian businessmen showed an interest in Togo's agricultural sector. It is the International office for studies,trade and Entrepreneurship Hungary-Togo (BIECE-TH) which oversaw the Hungarian delegation.

"Hungarians are interested in making investments in Togo. That is the reason for our presence at the Togo-EU forum to allow the group to explore the business climate in Togo. Agriculture is very important for us and this is the main objective of our presence", Nouwozan Kokou Langueh, head of BIECE-TH told agridigitale.

The Hungarian business delegation believes that the lack of proper diplomatic representation of their country cannot be an obstacle to forging partnerships.

"Relationships are still at an embryonic stage, but things are evolving anyway", reassures Mr. Langueh. Government, private sector, employers and the European Chamber of Commerce in Togo are expected next July in Budapest.


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