The potentialities of the animal sector explored

"PAEIJ-SP promotes commercial agriculture, thus contract farming, meaning that all related interventions of the project must be based on a scientific and solid basis. It is only in this context that we can intervene in the animal value chains. We thought it is necessary to do a study to see how the industry behaves", justifies Kossivi Agbo, coordinator of PAEIJ-SP.

It is basically a technical document that can be used by all stakeholders involved in the animal sector in the first place the Ministry of Agriculture of Animal Production and Fisheries.

This study, which was validated on Friday in Lome, focuses on two sectors, namely the sub-sector of poultry (guinea fowl and local breed chickens) and the sub-sector of small ruminants.

It emerges from this study that for each sub-sector, there are two value chains on which the actors can work and really create added value.

"In the small ruminants (sheep, goat)  sub-sector for example, we have on feet value chain, from production to sales, it's a profitable business. The meat of small ruminants, we have seen that it is a market that is gaining momentum, the same thing for poultry", reports Douti Kolani, animal studies consultant for PAEIJ-SP.

"Given the great potential that the animal sector represents in terms of wealth and income creation, mainly for young people, the relevance of the study that is submitted to your appreciation is not to be demonstrated," recalls Anala Arime Telata, Director of Youth Employment in the Ministry of Grassroots Development, Handicrafts, of Youth and Youth Employment.

Further, he invited each of the participants to give "the best so that at the end of the work, the government can have a database and relevant information on which PAEIJ-SP will build to ensure the effectiveness of its intervention on the poultry and small ruminant sectors".

In terms of figures, the study has for example identified more than one million actors at the production level, about 150,000 in the transformation and about sixty in the marketing.

The biggest recommendation for all concerns the structuring of actors in the sectors. "Because by structuring them, it will allow them to have access to the factors of production and especially the financing," says the consultant.

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