The development of a sector creates opportunities for new services

Five (5) key points to remember and that can be used as a compass for better orientation. First, access to finance. Access to financing for the various actors in value chains such as private companies that can play an aggregator role in value chains is identified as a salient point.

Secondly, a market for end products. With population growth and rampant urbanization, there are new markets that are being developed.

The density of the population could constitute a force, a large market for the consumption of products, such as the Chinese example which gives ideas to many countries in the world, especially in Africa.

Thirdely, a stable production of good quality and in sufficient quantity. This requires increasing the volume of production, through improved productivity (improved seeds, agronomic services, environmentally friendly techniques) and an increase in cultivated area (only 45% of cultivable land was exploited in 2012).

Fourth, the good structuring of the sectors. The level of organization and the structuring of a sector is closely associated with the level of trust between the actors of the sector, a necessity to be able to realize this potential.

Finally, it should be noted that the development of a sector creates opportunities for new services, such as mechanization, production and supply of inputs, extension. All areas of activity that can create new jobs for young people

Agriculture: a sector of opportunity

Undoubtedly, if the study was able to focus on the agricultural value chain, it is simply because in Togo, the sector represents 40% of the national wealth and more than 60% of the jobs.

Despite its weight in the economy, jobs in the agricultural sector are mostly informal, productivity growth is low and agribusiness undeveloped, which leads to a low level of valorization of agricultural products and value generation added.

The study then supports the government in assessing economic inclusion options for youth in high potential value chains to increase their incomes and create new jobs.

Various channels are available today to young people who want to enter the sector. In 2018, Togo exported more than 22,000 tons of organic products to the European Union (EU). Already, organic farming is a huge opportunity, especially exports of high value added niche products, such as spices or fresh organic fruits.

Then young producers can increase their income through better productivity; create new jobs through a better valuation of agricultural products; to increase the level of transformation to create local added value.

New jobs

Victoire Tomegah-Dogbe, minister in charge of grassroots development, youth and youth employment, welcomed the fact that the study allows young people to identify promising agricultural sectors and make good choices.

"In addition to the identification of priority sectors, the study is looking for the necessary means for the development of these sectors to create new decent jobs and increase the incomes of the actors already engaged in them. Support needed by vulnerable groups, such as young people and women to better connect to new economic opportunities along promising channels," said Hawa Cisse Wague, resident representative of the World Bank in Togo.

What remains to be done immediately is the in-depth study of sectors with high potential.

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