Post-Harvest loss Reduction and Agro-Processing in the SADC

The Summit, which will be held under the theme, "Post-Harvest loss Reduction and Agro-Processing in the SADC: Current Developments and Trends" will take place at Thandabantu Game lodges in Limpopo, South Africa from 26 to 27 September 2019 and  is an initiative of Southern African Media in Agriculture and Climate (SAMACET) in conjunction with Agri-Quest Africa Network as well as other Agro and environmental-affiliated organizations and is meant to address a number of issues related to good agricultural practices and safe Post-harvest food storage and processing measures that will help improve SADC's food security as well as standardization means and marketing strategies for finished agro- products and environmental-friendly measures that will preserve the environment from further degradation.

SADCPHAS 2019 is expected to be attended by representatives from more than 16 SADC countries who will be deliberating on a number of issues including Post-harvest chain, that Is Harvesting, Primary processing, storage and crop protection, processing and market linkages as well as other topics such as technologies in post-harvesting and agro-processing, market linkages, Private and Public Sector initiatives in post-harvest management and agro-processing, financing post-harvest reduction and agro-processing businesses, policies, strategies and regulations as well as other relevant topics derived from the main prioritised objectives of the Summit, that Is to encourage the planting of staple crops such as maize, beans and rice.

Among the objectives of SADCPHAS (2019) are mobilization of private investment and bank finance to develop businesses that require storage infrastructure, improving management and storage of staple crops by farmers in partnership with agri-business firms and Southern African business service development partners through a market-driven approach, developing more robust linkages between farmers and the market, assisting farmer associations /Cooperatives to expand their own warehouse infrastructure and availability of working capital through business plan development finance training courses to attract bank finance, increasing SAMACET and Agri-Quest Africa Network capacity to widen their medium-term strategy for the development of Southern Africa's staple crops through improved marketing and Post-harvesting activities as well as identifying specific market-led interventions that can be adopted by individual market players within the value chain to reduce post-harvest losses in staple crops including investment by suppliers in value chain constraints.

Moreover SADCPHAS 2019 will also endeavour to establish market linkages between farmers and investment firms that will result in strategic partnerships to develop business ventures and invest in post-harvest handling and storage.

The Summit will also to seek to source investment finance that will result in strengthening supplies within the maize and bean value chain, teach on post-harvest management that will result in better handling practices for farmers seeking higher prices for better commodities, post-harvest policy support with the intent to improve the business environment for the private sector, reduction of post-harvest losses, provision of nutritious food, food security and wealth creation among other subjects to be discussed at the Summit.

The SADCPHAS 2019 will be held a few days before the Africa Day on Migration  and Economic Development ADMED (2019) that will be held on 2-3 October 2019 at the Misty Hills Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa under the theme " Promoting Agriculture and Food Security; Addressing Unemployment and Managing Rural-Urban and International Migration for Sustainable Development," and is a good warm up spot to be as it will be closely associated with the theme of the Africa-Forum initiated ADMED 2019 and in pursuit of the African Union's Vision 2063, "The Africa We Want".


By Knowledge Mhlanga

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  1. Isabella Twala say:

    I would like to be part of the summit that would take place in Johannesburg South Africa on the 2-3 October and the one in Thandabantu Game Lodge in Limpopo on the 26-27 September

    21/08/2019 04:29:16
  2. Vusi Mlambo say:

    I will like to say that, since 2000 I am involve with the emerging farmers. There is one thing that we black people as we are emerging in the farming industry, we are divided with that we can mot win and we will be emerging for ever.

    19/08/2019 08:11:20

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