The adoption of the kilo is necessary

Kokou GUERI, president of a producer group in Katore (Ogou 2, Plateau region) believes it is time to end up with this cheating.

"The big problem is that with all the crops we grow, there is not a standard measure and so, it doesn't bother us. Till now, the cereals always in the bowl and the tubers in the calabash. As longer as we will be in this system, we will always be the losers", he laments to agridigitale.

Sometimes, he continues "we want to shout over these good ladies but we have no choice as they are our first buyers". 'Our greatest desire is to move quickly to the kilo', he pleaded.

At the level of the ministry of agriculture, the discussions advance on this issue and to go beyond, support for agricultural equipment are brought Saturday to producers in the region.

25 groups supported by PASA

In total, 25 agricultural groups benefited from agricultural equipment to improve their working conditions thanks to the Agricultural Sector Support Project (PASA). "These tools will not only help us improve our yields but also increase our cultivable areas," said one of the beneficiaries.

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