Houses on the coast collapsed

"Coastal erosion is accelerating rapidly as coastal effects continue in Abgodrafo and Baguida. We are facing a much more critical situation where actions must be taken by the government to regularize this situation and stabilize the advancing of the sea on our shores," acknowledged David Wonou Oladokoun, Togolese minister of environment this week.

The minister noted that "houses that were previously on the coast collapsed" and warned that in the following 20 years ago, the Togo-Benin road through Baguida might disappear.

"Togo will also lose this road like the others already engulfed by the sea," he warned.

In response to this alarming situation, a West African Coastal Area program (WACA) has been operational since April 2018, affecting the countries (Benin, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal and Togo) sharing the coast.

Funded by the World Bank ($ 45 million), the Global Environment Facility ($ 7.532 million) and the six affected states, WACA will help fight coastal erosion over the long term.

For the Togolese part, ears will be built on a total of 41km including 18km, Agbodrafo-Sanvee Kondji (Togo-Benin border). A joint Togo-Benin committee will be set up for the management and monitoring of the cross-border coastal segment between the two countries.

But before that, alternative works had previously been set up in Aneho. They have stabilized the coast and prevented the sea from advancing. The project will make sure that this stabilization is scaled up.

The West Africa Coastal Areas program (WACA) will last 5 years to end in December 2023.

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