Japan offered a food support of 300 million Yen, about 1.5 billion CFA to Togo (Picture AGD/T.K)

For Demba Tignokpa, Minister of Development Planning and Cooperation, the Kennedy Round projects can be summarized as non-repayable financial assistance from Japan for support to food security.

According to her, the objective is to enable Togo to acquire agricultural inputs and food such as rice or wheat that will be sold at affordable prices to the population, especially to poor and vulnerable groups.

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Togolese and Japanese personalities present at the ceremony

"The counterpart fund constituted by the proceeds from the sale of rice will be used later, after consultation between the Japanese and Togolese governments to finance various social and economic development projects in the field of agriculture, education and so on," said Kuramitsu Hideaki, Extraordinary Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Japan for Togo.

From 2008 to 2019, the total amount of financial envelopes received from Japan under the KR projects including that of 2019, amounts to 4 billion 10 million Japanese Yen,  almost 20.5 billion CFA.

These funds helped carry out several development projects including the rehabilitation of rural roads, the construction of basic socio-community infrastructure, sanitation in the city of Lome, the efficient management of urban waste and start other projects contained in the Community Emergency Development Program (PUDC).

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