On these farms stretching to the horizon, Olivier believes that one day he will succeed his wildest dream, become a young thriving in the agricultural sector.

On saturday, July 21, Agridigitale met him in his farm, where he was convincing his friends from Lome to invest in the project.

He said there are many millions to win and this is an opportunity to grasp. As a happy coincidence, the adult female of one of his pigs (the sow) gave birth to eight (8) piglets.

Olivier has already made his plan. That is within 4 months, he'll return on his investment. He also said to Agridigitale that support programme to agricultural sector (PASA) initiated by the Government, helped him to achieve his three basins for fish farming.

The support of the PASA

I had a donation of 3 million CFA from PASA. It is direct support for fish farmers only.

This support has enabled me to rearrange my three basins. The foinding arrived in January 2017, and we took three months to make the basins.

I have supported the piping, the drainage system and the commitment to support the ground against erosions to the tune of 500 thousand FCFA.  With these basins, I launched the culture of clarias.


Clarias are nosy fish. If we don't give them to eat, they seek for it in the ground. But, me, I feed my fishes every morning.

Their food is composed of a balanced food. There are industrial feed coming from Lome and Ghana. The components are the same.

Sometimes, it's the sound of rice orchicken and it is floating.

There is also the traditional feed. Whatever the case it contains proteins, lipids and energetic food.

Today, Clarias costs 100fr the unit. And the Government is advices to put a fish per square meter.

 The first harvest

After six months in water, the fish can no more grow. That's why we picked them and were forced to sell at a low price because the quality wasn't there.

They were not big. I got a ton that I sold to about 100.000F CFA to woman from Nigeria because people don't consume Clarias here.

Normally, the Government is asking to sell 1800F CFA per kilo. But in reality, the consumers set the prices. That is why sometimes you can have a basin that revolves around 30 to 40 Kg which can contain big fishes but you are obliged to sell off to 40.000F CFA or CFA 45.000F.

Challenges and change in strategy

At the beginning, I thought I could go all the way, but at some point, I realized it's bigger than me. With three basins, the project has become more important than I hoped.

Today, I lack means to feed my fish. Sometimes I sell my pigs to stock up food for them.

After the next harvest,  I will change my strategy. I intend to focus on the bassin of 800 square meter. I will only get involved on it.

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