Kossi Akakpo

The constant degradation of soils in his small village in Godzo (Kpele prefecture /167 km from Lome) did not deter him from resuming his taste for cocoa cultivation. A sector that his peasant comrades had all abandoned.

"The soil was too dry, the vegetation cover disappeared with the violent bushfires of 1983-1984 years. Nobody wanted to venture into this culture because in addition to the painful of the cultivation, the vegetation did not really encourage either", he testifies to agridigitale.

The price of daring!

Kossi, like the other peasants in the village, had faith in food crops (corns, beans, okra, tomatoes, etc.).

Kossi Akakpo in his plantation after the harvest, the income is not so important to cover the needs of the family. Faced with this dilemma, Kossi had the idea to get into the cocoa culture and his first challenge was to find the pods.

"In 2015, we had the pods subsidized through the Agricultural Sector Support Project (PASA) and the following year, my cocoa plantation was established.Two years later, the results are visible", says Kossi who doesn't regret his choice.

"Every two weeks, I do harvest, we sell the kg of cocoa beans at 1,100 CFA unlike the corn which is 300 CFA the bowl and the bean at 800 CFA. Meanwhile, I continue to sell my cocoa", adds the cocoa farmer.

Despite the difficulties, Kossi's courage and tenacity inspire many farmers in his locality who also want to embark on this culture whose income is sustainable for producers. According to PASA project supervision mission in the region since Tuesday, the success of Kossi serves as a model and encourages never to give up on obstacles, whatever their size.

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