Industrial mechanics for rural people

For this former official of GREEN PEACE and BELGIAN RED CROSS, social integration in Togo was one of the most difficult but he finally managed to find his way.

"People prefer to be a sheep that follows the greatest number to avoid taking risk, you will understand why being a Lion (Leader) will help you change your life and bring all the gifts of the world to you!" he explains to agridigitale.

General Secretary of the National Federation of Road Transport Companies of Togo (FNSTR-T), Aboudou-Wahabou has recently launched his office, ADAM CONSULTING.

"The ambition is to help those who are returning to the country and those of the diaspora settle in order to make their contribution to the construction of our beloved country, Togo," he said.

Serve as a showcase

ADAM, Engineer in industrial mechanics

"I have friends who come back to the country with millions, for lack of people to advise them, all their money went into frivolousness. Unfortunately, disappointed, these friends are returning abroad while there are good business in our country", shows the promoter.

Togolese compatriots back in the country, he illustrates, "are facing administrative difficulties related to the establishment of some documents, especially those who return definitively to the country and want to settle".

"They don't know where and from whom to find the right information", he continues. In response, his office will provide Legal Advice, Representation, Trade, Car Rental, Real Estate, Business Creation, Accounting and Tax Assistance, Management Consulting, Audit, Training, Translation, Import-Export, Service Provision etc.

"We are a team of dynamic young people full of talent, above all, everyone is specialist in a specific field: lawyers, accountants, engineers, consultants of international renown, coaches in business creation, personal development, and especially partners with institutions in Togo and the West ", he assures.

My heart beats for orphans

Aboudou-Wahabou claims loudly that he will invest until his last cent for the case of orphans and offer a better life to rural people. To achieve this goal, he set up 4-5-6 LA SUITE Foundation, which intervenes in education, health and soon in agriculture.

"Our goal is first to put children in good conditions to better study in dry and rainy seasons.Then we want to help students early in their childhood become familiar with the computer tool", he explains.

To date, the Foundation built two schools in Tiguicope (Haho) and Koubouworo (TCHAMBA). In addition, the renovation of the dispensary in Kpegadze (Haho), a borehole with solar panel and so on.

It has also made an exceptional donation of 8,000 vials to the government worth 336 million CFA to fight snake bites in rural areas.

Accompaniment to the peasants

4-5-6 Foundation SUITE plans to support rural peasants in the future by bringing seeds according to the region where each variety is practiced.

"Gradually, we will one day emerge from agriculture for consumption to marketing agriculture," says the Executive Director. He is convinced that the pursuit of the digitization of agriculture will be an essential step forward in the world of modern agriculture.

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