IFAD Elavagnon to make Aquaculture Specialists

"Today, Elavagnon Aquaculture IFAD is ready to welcome its first students, and from April 15th to 25th we are waiting for applications from learners interested in the IFAD. With a capacity of 450 students, we expect to welcome for the opening, 100 to 140 students," said Noupokou Dammipi, Minister, advisor at Togolese Presidency.

IFAD Elavagnon's construction work went faster than expected with execution level estimated at 95%.

Among the works already completed, we can see a teaching block with 16 classrooms and an administrative block all equipped with computer tools with a broadband connection, a boarding house of more than 130 beds, a restaurant with more than 250 seats, a sports complex.

The farm consists of a dam on about 6 hectares that will feed 12 pools and 6 ponds. There is also a hatchery and a processing unit.

Learners will go for fishing and then to the processing unit where they will learn to produce frozen, salted, smoked fishes. In addition, there are training rooms specially dedicated to continuing education for the retraining of those already working in the field.

Access with BEPC, really flexible!

To be eligible, you just need to have the junior secondary school's certificate (BEPC) and be passionate about aquaculture. A part from the academic training, the project takes into account the entire value chain (production, processing and marketing).

"It will not be a matter of training young people who will only give names and types of fishes, this is not our concern. At the end of the training, they must be able to raise fish, process and market it," explained Nansini Commi, head of the Management Unit of the Project.

The academic training will lead to a professional bachelor's degree opening to university studies. There is an incubator for young people. About 70 hectares are reserved for learners to settle and practice at the end of their course.

In short, IFAD Elavagnon will not train unemployed job seekers. A vision that, according to the Minister of Agriculture, Noël Koutera Bataka, fits the challenge that the government intends to meet in its new roadmap.

"In aquaculture, we depend on imports, to fill the gap, we have to produce massively, and to produce massively, we must have all the assets and all the necessary factors. IFAD is an ideal learning environment that will also allow professionals to come to the site to get fresh ideas for the development of this sector," said Noël Koutera BATAKA, Minister of Agriculture, Animal Production and Fisheries.

Apart from agriculture, there will also be IFADs for logistics, transport, digital and building for a total of ten IFADs in five years.

Send your applications to : suradmission@aed-ifad.tg

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