The market of Gape is dating back to the pre-colonial era,

This thanks to the products from the fields of the locality. These include tigernut, peanut, corn, cassava, yam, palm oil, palm nut, sodabi and others that attract every Thursday, traders from Lome, Tsevie, Assahoun, Vogan, Atakpame ...

"It is thanks to these products that Gape is known everywhere in Togo and outside the country, but unfortunately, we don'tt really benefit from that", confesses to agridigitale, Doleagbenou Nicolas, president of the market committee of Gape.

Concerned by the living conditions of the villagers, the market committee tries to sensitize the latter on the need to set up a committee in order to agree the prices of their different products.

"For the moment, our attempts are in vain because they are strongly influenced by their customers who not only set the prices but also take the bowls to load their bags themselves, whereby women struggle in the field to produce but they still live in misery", he denounces.

"If you let them load your bag, back in Lome, you will realise that it is not enough and the risk of getting into debt is huge because that's where you have to remove all the charges. If somebody refuses to let me load by myself, I prefer to leave", replies Kove Egnovi, a native and reseller at Akodessewa market in Lome.

According to the testimonies, the market was located in Avedetoe on a small surface with sheds built by the Germans.

But at a given moment, it couldn't contain users who were overflowing on the track. As solution, some communities made available 10ha of their land at Gnaneti and the prefecture that collects taxes in the market, built 11 sheds but this remains insufficient.

"If our market does not attract a lot of people today, there are two reasons: first the lack of sheds to shelter the people and then the pitiful state of the rural tracks. Assahoun (34Km ) and Tsevie (24Km) tracks are completely deteriorated, only Agbelouve's track (12Km) is good but leave Lome for Agbelouve (64Km) and do another 12Km before reaching the market, it discourages people; which oblige the villagers to deliver their products at a low price", laments Doleagbenou.

Almost all stakeholders think that it is high time that the canton of Gape had good trucks and a modern market worthy of the name with shelters and stores.

On the other side, almost all the villages have primary schools, junior secondary school in two villages out of three and one senior secondary school in Gape-center. There are also human-powered pumps in several villages but only Gape-center is connected to the electricity grid and currently, streetlights are not functional.

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