Stella Bagnah, Ecobank Group's Banqueassurance Manager

As a contributor to the national economy, it deserves to be better accompanied to further engage in the construction of the country on all fronts. A challenge that the pan-African banking group Ecobank intends to meet by supporting the High Council of Togo of abroad (HCTE).

What  does Ecobank offer exactly ?

Various proposals were presented Friday in Lome to the newly installed delegates by the head of government, Komi Selom Klassou.

"We will put in place for you, a system to access the housing market, real estate in your home country, and we will work together to make it proactive," says Stella Bagnah, Ecobank Group's Banqueassurance Manager.

"We talked about investment funds, you'll have two, one of long-term (investing in stocks and bonds) and one for those who want to have a conservative investment. So, the bond fund has a minimum rate of 5%. These rates are often much better and allow you to have savings locally," adds Mike Coffi, managing director of Ecobank Asset West Africa.

It will also be question, he adds, "to work on a guarantee fund to allow you raise funds in the case of credits locally". "This will be a diaspora-focused mutual fund that will be fed by the diaspora and will serve this diaspora to have loans," says Coffi.

Factor of economic stability

Undoubtedly, the diaspora is a factor of macroeconomic stability and stimulates investments. It is an important source of foreign currency for the balance of payments.

In addition, according to various analysts, it helps reduce household poverty. For all these reasons, Ecobank aims to make it a force for the common good by setting up a guarantee fund for the Togolese and the sub-region's diaspora.

"Some of you wanted to invest locally, but were stuck because they did not have solutions, not only for the transfer of funds but also in a secure way for reliable investments to have companies, to assert their know-how in their local country by asking for loans to set up their structure but unfortunately, they could not have the necessary financing. Suppose you have access to funds that allows you to secure financing that you would like to have from some financial institutions?, says Mike Coffi.

Acting for all

The pan-African banking group approach was welcomed by the delegates. "Ecobank's proposals belong to the 21st century. We appreciate the fact that you open accounts to all the 77 delegates we are and the fact that you are flexible with us here," said Komlan Robert Holognon, Gabon delegate from HCTE.

However, some suggest that this initiative goes beyond speeches so that at the time of solicitations, the bank listens attentively to each of the concerns expressed by Togolese from of abroad.

"We don't want that when we will individually seek assistance we were compared to nothing," they stress.

"You say that in the our host countries, we are ambassadors of Togo, we are 77 but we are not 77. We are close to 2,000,000. When we go back there, we have to explain all these to the others," added them.

The hope is great with this confidence and many are already fond of the idea of ​​returning to invest in several sectors including agriculture.

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