Digital becomes more and more unavoidable (picture @CTA )

Michel Galley, technical advisor in charge of digital transition projects at the Togolese ministry of digital economy emphasizes that, digitisation is a necessary step for any company that wants to be efficient.

Speaking on a panel during the week of the private sector, he said that "the state has then set up infrastructure for the development of the digital economy in general".

"In 2015, 4 megabyte Internet access speed was around 300.000 CFA. But today in 2019, with 15.000 CFA, you have 12 megabyte. It means that prices have been divided by 12 while the quality through the flow has multiplied by 12. An exceptional work done by the government", appreciated Michel.

If it is clear that the government is working to develop a digital economy and access to all the internet, it should be emphasized that the costs are expensive.

"What we expect is the downward revision of the cost of using the Internet," called Frederic Banque, president of Togolese SME group.

To conclude the panel, Jean-Marie Noagbodji, CEO of Cafe Informatique, reminded that digital access makes it possible to combine the opportunities for companies and make them win in productivity and competitiveness.

"The Internet is an entire market that obeys the laws of supply and demand.There is great freedom of entrepreneurship in English-speaking countries than in French-speaking countries. In French-speaking countries the law is ahead of technology. There is a tendency to put forward a law before allowing technology when it is really the opposite in English-speaking countries. This puts the national development in a bad way", analyzed Jean-Marie.


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