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During one of the panels of the forum on Thursday, the wealthy man in Africa, Aliko Dangote, CEO of DANGOTE Group, has pointed out that "Togo is full of endless opportunities and could be the market of the ECOWAS"

"In Togo, you have everything that is favorable for agriculture. I mean, the land, the climate, the water. Then, what Togo can do it, it is the substitutions to the importation", he suggested.

He said that "Togo can produce everything that is consumed, because no economic policy is sustainable with the deficit worsening in the trade balance with an import of $ 8 billion and exports of $ 2 billion".

"The only deep water port that can be found today in West Africa is here in Lome. So, all that can be produced, can be sent it to the market of the ECOWAS which is more than 350 million people and with the area of continental free trade, we will have a larger market and attract more local and foreign investors," said the businessman.

To finish his intervention, he expressed his wish to see Togo bring more added values to its cotton.

"What I would like to have in the framework of this partnership between Togo and the European Union, is that Togo as a country, producer of one of the best cotton be able to export the clothes that we need in the world, and therefore he should go to Europe and America. It is in this way that we can have inclusive growth, and the farmers will make a profit by cultivating cotton", launched him as a recommendation.

In 2019 and for the eighth consecutive year, Aliko Dangote is present in the list of Forbes magazine. First billionaire in Africa and 136th in the world, the business man of 62 years old has made a fortune in cement. The largest producer of "white gold" on the continent, it was difficult for him to realize to what extent he was rich.

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