Yao Guimei, Director of the Center for South African Studies at the China-Africa Institute (ICA)

Yao Guimei, Director of the Center for South African Studies at the China-Africa Institute (ICA) told agridigitale that Sino-African relations today are based on sincerity, pragmatism, friendship and honesty.

She revealed that in all areas of cooperation, China has decided to support the continent towards shared prosperity. Yao shared a flagship measure taken by China whereby exempting  poor African countries manufactured goods from poor from taxes.

"400 products are involved including agricultural products such as sesame, cotton etc." she said.

Specifically at the agricultural level, the academic emphasizes the need to strengthen in an integrated way the sustainable development capacities of Chinese agricultural assistance projects and to help Africa to achieve essentially food security.

On the agricultural assistance component, she informs that between 2019 and 2021, China will implement 50 agricultural aid projects focused on increasing agricultural production such as corn, rice, wheat, cassava, etc.

During the same period, China intends to send  500 high-level agronomists in Africa for the rehabilitation of rural areas.

Their mission, she said, will be marked by the strengthening of capacities in breeding, cultivation, production techniques of agricultural products, the popularization of practical agricultural techniques through various means such as partnerships between agricultural research institutions, pilot agricultural technical centers, the sending of agricultural expert missions and the reduction of poverty through agriculture.

The Asian giant is also planning to help pioneering farmers who help enrich local farmers through technical demonstration in the field and promotion of Chinese experiences in agricultural techniques and rural economic development.

Finally, as part of the belt and road project, 20 industrial parks in 15 African countries have already been built with the goal of creating a free trade zone (Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia and Zambia etc.). So many initiatives to contribute to the development of the continent.

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