ALASSAN Kpeziwezou, head of CFIJ-TOGO(R)

It was at the practical agricultural workshop initiated by the agridigitale newspaper, very committed to push young people to make agriculture a vocation. In Sokode, participants learned all the steps to succeed cashew culture.

The techniques of setting up the nursery of a cashew plantation, the technical itinerary, the grafting, the over-grafting, the picking and the processing of the nuts were taught by ALASSAN Kpeziwezou, director of the Training Center for Youth Integration of Togo (CFIJ-TOGO).

AMANA Alphonse, head of the Kara Agricultural Producers Chain, emphasized that this was a great opportunity offered by the newspaper to agricultural entrepreneurs of his region.

"Cashew is part of the backbone of the national economy, so whoever throws in it, is investing in a better future. As an entrepreneur, this is a great opportunity for us since it is rare to see this kind of training organized nearby," he says.

In addition to the cashew techniques, the participants also learned about some little secrets to better benefit from small ruminants.

Agricultural workshop in Sokode

"We insisted on the technical-economic aspect of sheep fattening. From now they can easily choose animals and fatten them for three months and sell them back expensively," says Minga SANSAN, director of Merveilles Des Temps (MDT), specialist in ruminant breeding.

The leaders of agidigitale newspaper reiterated their determination to continue this agricultural workshop in the other regions of Togo (Kara and Savane) by the end of March.

Kara stopover announced on mid-March will focus on existing agricultural financing mechanisms in Togo and how to successfully grow pigs. Experts are expected for this meeting where all young agricultural entrepreneurs of Kara region are invited.

It should be noted that the agricultural workshop in the regions is the flagship objective set by agridigitale this year 2019 and Sokode stopover of this Saturday, followed only a few weeks after that of Notse in the plateau region.

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