A modern irrigation technology that optimizes yields, production, save water resources

Surrounded by his collaborators and some agricultural promoters, the Minister of Agriculture, Noël Koutera Bataka  followed with attention the options proposed by the delegation of Netafim.

The firm offers three solutions for Togo. The first will be to work with the technical teams of the ministry to size the surfaces of farmers who want to develop their garden with irrigation techniques.

The second will focus on a feasibility study for the development of sugar  activities in the savannah region and the third will focus on the potential of the Kara agropolis.

"We bring you a modern irrigation technology that optimizes yields, production, save water resources, the environment and modernize agriculture in Togo," says Frederic Dillon, agronomist and projects manager in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Although seduced by the results obtained by the company around the world, especially in Africa, the Minister of Agriculture expressed some expectations on the work presented.

He wanted to know, "how much should be spent per hectare on irrigation kits and greenhouses for example to install three hundred young people who want to provide tomatoes to Tanko Timanti, or accompany farmers to install 1500ha pineapple".

In response, Dr. Driss Ennaanay, West and East Africa Director of Netafim made it clear to the audience that with the greenhouses, there is nothing standardized.

"For greenhouses, it's a bit more complicated because there are variables like the wind or what you want to produce in it, that's why we need a roadmap from you that says in this region, we are focusing on this or that product. At that moment, it will make things easier for us", he proposes, while promising to provide a blueprint for the different crops Togo wants to develop.

The Israeli firm is committed to keeping in touch with the Ministry of Agriculture to deepen exchanges. It promises to offer facilitations to farmers already installed or wishing to settle in Togo to know the amounts to pay in order to take advantage of the solutions of micro-irrigation, drip and different models of greenhouses

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