The maritime region have agricultural potential

"Essentially, the speculations developed are cereals dominated by corn in Yoto, Ave and Bas-mono ereas. We also have strong dominance of cassava in Vo, Lacs, Yoto, and part of Ave and Zio", he indicates to agridigitale.

He also notes, "a strong mobilization at the level of vegetable mainly in the Golf, Zio and part of Ave. Talking of fruit, maritime region occupies an important place especially with pineapple that takes all the northern zone of the region (Zio, Ave, yoto).

Reinforce the synergy of the actors

Kossi Djifa Hounkanli intends to put his many years of responsible for planning and monitoring evaluation on projects to develop the agricultural potential of the region.

His first challenge is to strengthen the synergy between all the actors of the agricultural world in connection to the axis 2 of the National Development Plan (PND) and the strategic vision of the ministry.

"As far processing is concerned, at least 60% of the companies are in the maritime region, all of these processing units are just pulling the production and are safe markets for producers, and it is very important to get more closer to these micro companies to see how they manage to struggle in the market facing the persistent competition", he says.

He promises to establish a link between producers and these microenterprises to create a relationship that will facilitate the search for markets for producers but also the guarantee of the raw material for these companies.

"We especially invite them to develop internal communication strategies apart from fairs, to work on the quality of their products", he suggests. The commitment of the youth in the agricultural sector is for him, an additional source of motivation to succeed his mission.

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