The agridigitale website team members

For the website team members, it is the culmination of so much effort to continuously inform the millions of people in the value chain in Togo and around the world seven days a week.

"1.3 million users are already connected to our platform.The daily average of the cumulative traffic turns between 40 and 50 thousand.Through our contents, we manage to weigh in decision-making for producers, transformers, consumers and even for the government. Agridigitale is a medium of the future, a crossroads for all actors of precision agriculture", explains the team.

The first prize is won by IEIALEIL company which produces packaged precooked vegetables, frozen to make a quick sauce in ten minutes.

The 2nd prize went to a structure for its innovation in the recycling of biodegradable post-harvest waste and processing waste in biodegradable agro-food industries. And then the third prize won by e-agribusiness with its agricultural drone project.

In addition to these awards, the organizing committee of Sialo 2019 has awarded distinctions and at that level, is distinguished best digital partner of the show.

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