Georges Bohoussou, representative of the AfDB in Togo

AfDB interventions cover several sectors including agriculture, environment, social and transport.

"In the agricultural sector, the bank's support is materialized through the financing of agro-processing agropolises. In the transport sector, road rehabilitation and coastal protection projects help to improve integration and the climate resilience of infrastructure", enumerates Ayaovi Demba Tignokpa, Minister of Development Planning and Cooperation.

In the social sector, four major projects are in progress and cover the areas of employability and youth inclusion; financial inclusion of vulnerable women; integration of training and market reconstructions.

Projects in the red zone

Today, out of the 15 projects funded, three are in the red but the country representative of the AfDB in Togo, Georges Bohoussou prefers that all the projects were in the green zone.

The difficulties encountered can be explained by the lack of availability of the national counterpart; the weak capacity of some management units in contracting and financial management; weak involvement of technical ministries; the non-respect of the deadlines by the providers and so on.

"There are some structures that have the markets but they cannot run them normally, making some projects set up to be executed within four to five years, we still drag on the market", regrets Georges Bohoussou.

"There are concrete examples: recently in Kara where we paid a visit to a project and really, the company has difficulties.The time is almost completed but the work is not progressing.There is also the example Kara market, which is also one of AfDB's projects. The monitoring needs to be strengthened and we want technical ministries to be involved in the projects", wishes Bohoussou.

As far as the national counterpart is concerned, the resident representative wants strong measures to be taken in the 2020 national budget account.

"When two contributions are mobilized to execute a project and one side works and there is weakness on the other side, naturally the project cannot advance and as they are preparing a new budget for the next year it would be interesting for some measures to be taken into account", he suggests.

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