Hatching and a processing unit

Among the works made, there is a teaching block of 16 classes and an administrative block all equipped with computer tools with a broadband connection, a boarding house of more than 130 beds, a restaurant with more than 250 seats, a sports complex.

According to the previsions students enrollment will evolve as follows: 2018-2019 school year, 60 learners; 2019-2020 school year, 205 learners; 2020-2021 year, 355 learners and 2021-2022 school year, 415 learners.

In addition to the educational training, there is an aquaculture farm with a dam on nearly 4 hectares to supply 12 pools and 6 ponds. There is also a hatching and a processing unit.

In addition to the academic training, the project takes into account the entire value chain (production, processing and marketing). Concretely, learners will fish and go to the processing unit where they will learn how to produce a number of products including frozen, salted, smoked fishes.

To be eligible for the aquaculture Institute of Training in Alternation for Development of Elavagnon, all you need is the certificate of completion of first cycle studies (BEPC) and be passionate for aquaculture.

The academic training will lead to a professional bachelor's degree opening to university studies. There is an incubator for young people. About 70 hectares are reserved for learners to settle and practice at the end of their course.

Newly appointed General Director of the Education Development Agency (AED), The former Minister of Mines and Energy and Advisor of the Head of the State, Dammipi Noupokou will now have the heavy responsibility to ensure the training of young people and adults with expertise in the fields of agriculture, logistics, transport, digital and building  till 2022.

Overall, ten Institutes of Training in Alternation for Development (IFAD) are expected.

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