A working session in Lome

To ensure the continuity and sustainability of the project after his departure, the Brazilian agency organizes in each of the beneficiary countries, a working session to bring the main actors to put in place strategies allowing them their own.

"For us, in the cooperation, it is very important that all countries that receive the project can prepare themselves so that the project does not stop suddenly at the end of this year with the departure of the cooperation. We hope that countries and research institutions will be able to prepare themselves so that by January 2020, they can be autonomous, independent and that all the gains can be implemented for the sustainability of cotton activities without the participation of the Brazilian agency", justifies Armandoo Viera, Project Analyst at ABC.

Since its implementation in 2015, Togo has benefited among others: the training of 47 ITRA and NSCT research technicians and FNGPC producers; training of 242 NSCT technicians and FNGPC producers on good agricultural practices through 6 training sessions conducted in 2016, 2017 and 2018; 2 exchange visits to Brazil in 2015 and 2016 with the participation of 17 Togolese including 11 researchers from ITRA; 2 participations at the Brazilian Cotton Producers' Congress in 2015 and 2017; funding for research activities and seed production of different cover crops at Kolo Cope, Amoutou, Kabou and Natigou sites, rolling stock equipment, etc.

The representative of the Minister of Agriculture, Alassani Ennardja assured that the achievements of the project will be consolidated in light of the encouraging results obtained.

"Right choices will be made in connection with the strategic plan for the development of the cotton sector and of course, the axis 2 of the National Development Plan", he insists.

In the field, it is a project that addresses very well the concerns of producers related to climate change. "Since cotton is not irrigated, we were looking for palliatives for a continuity of cotton in the soil and we saw that this project meets our concerns.Through the seeds under vegetal cover, it can help us keep humidity so that we can improve our yields", says Kouroufei Koussouwe, president of FNGPC.

The work ends on Friday with clear actions and specific commitments from each actor (ITRA, NSCT, FNGPC and the government).

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