Eric Kwamivi BONIN

For him, these young entrepreneurs in agriculture, agribusiness or any other industry are simply victim of their own inexperience.

"Many of these entrepreneurs should first be employees and learn before getting to that level and try to manage", he told agridigitale.

According to BONIN, it's really absurd that an inexperienced youngster freshly graduated from the University or a Higher Technician Brevet School (BTS) immediately claim to be entrepreneur.

"The state or any lessor who funds a project submitted by such a contractor, the result can only be what we have today. Many projects failed because, some young people, once, they have the financing go to buy a car at the port before continuing the project with the remainder. Also, a project that requires 10 million can never work if reduced finally to 3 million", analysis Mr. BONIN.

Media and teachers are also part of Mr. BONIN’s target.

“How can we understand that in the local media, there are more programs of entertainment than educational? How can we explain that there are more illusions sellers than programs to train the elite of tomorrow? How can we understand that teachers don’t really encourage students to belong to associations at schools?” he wondered.

After the diagnosis, the therapy

For the expert in school counseling in Togo, it is a large project that requires the contribution of everybody.

First, he advises young people who want to embark on entrepreneurship to seek for experience before launching.

Then, the institutions to encourage associative life in schools to encourage students to be members of these groups, prepare them for great leadership and teach them, among other things, how to work in team or in community.

Finally, to the media, BONIN pleads for educational programs by involving for example cases of agro pastoral success to interest young people.

At this level, he goes far suggesting to the State via the high authority of audio-visual and the communication (HAAC) to impose a daily quota to the local media on the educational programs.

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