Especially for these businesswomen who invest these rural areas looking for agricultural products to sell in urban areas, they are exposed to many risks.

Agridigitale conducted an investigation in various localities of the country among carriers and transported persons to know the causes and the consequences of these facts which have become a habit and is no longer a concern for actors.

 Diverse but common causes

The transportation of people and goods in vehicles of transport of goods and the transportation of persons 

 by vehicles of goods is not a pleasure for carriers or passengers. Even if these two actors are no more disturbed, the beginning has not been easy.

Lack of adapted vehicles using the same channels as these fortune gear.

The majority of passengers say they don't have other choices than these vehicles. According to them, either because of the State of the road or because of the low density of traffic, drivers of passenger vehicles do not to some destinations.

In other cases, they exist but are insufficient. They are therefore obliged to use the services of these vehicles.

Difficult to separate a trader from his goods

Some destinations are reserved for the trade. In this case, all traders have the goods or will buy back and to do this, it is impossible to separate traders from their goods.

They are obliged to board these vehicles of transport of goods. In other cases, there are many vehicles for transportation of people and goods but they cannot carry all the luggage in case every passenger has enough.

Necessity to reduce the cost of  transportation

The transport has a significant impact on the cost of the products and the profit made by traders.

In the pursuit of maximum profit, traders prefer to ship in goods vehicles with their goods where the price of transportation is more or less negligible compared to passenger vehicles.

Various consequences that can go to the loss in human lives

The simultaneous transport of people and goods by goods vehicles is a huge risk for the actors of these facts. Even these actions are not punished in rural areas by the competent services, they are victims of the daily events they didn’t mention. First, there are accidents either uphill or downhill these vehicles that are a little bit higher level.

Then in case of accidents, they are more exposed to death.

Finally, according to several accounts, women are victims of sexual harassment either from the apprentices of driver, or from men with whom they share vehicles.

Raise awareness for a return to the standard

The phenomenon becomes more and more recurring especially in rural areas and if nothing is done, there will be some difficult situations.

It is therefore the duty of any person or court entitled to do to raise awareness among actors for a return to the norm.

But above all, solutions or exit doors must be offered to ensure  behavior change.


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