With the Total-Togo company, facilities should reach 240 by the end of 2018.

"Solergie must grow at the speed of a facility a day cruise. "We are looking at reach 3000 SolergieBoxes on the ground from here to end 2023 where more than 200,000 people will have access to sustainable electricity at an affordable price", stated Wednesday Marie Dominique LODEN, Executive Director of the company SOLERGIE SARL-U.

 More great installer of solar system 220V for eight customers at the same time in rural areas in Togo, SOLERGIE is available to any applicant a basic kit consisting of 2 solar panels and a battery.

There is possibility to add panels and batteries according to the needs of the customers.

15 000 Cfa francs, that's all what to spend to install a Solergie system. This cost gives entitlement to the wiring of two rooms with a lamp, a Plug and a switch and 5000 Cfa francs for the credit of electricity. Solergie is in charge of the cable from the box to the House of the client either to maximum 100 m.

Since 2006, SOLERGIE is involved in the sustainable development of villages in Togo. It will certainly more do with Total-Togo, which from now on will provide financial and technical support for the achievement of its objectives.

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