The variety of the disponibility of beef milk impacts the price of cheese. Since January 2018, Agridigitale got interesed to the issue. The newspaper initiated some investigations in order to get some informations nearby actors. Their point of vue concerning the causes of that variation of the price of cheese.

Traders in the commercialisation logique

We are here in the central region of Togo, exactly in Agbadi-Langabou erea known for the trading of cheese made of beef milk.

Those who are familiar to Lome-Dapaong stump can notice the overflow of this product by sellers leaned to sell their product by all means.

We went there in January 2018. It was almost the dry season and also harmatthan was already installed. A single cheese costed between 5.00 and 8.50 FrCFA.

When we told Safia who came to us in order to sell her cheese that it was too expensive she answerd by saying «currentely, the cheese is expensive; as we are in the dry season, beefs can not provide enough milk because it is difficult to find herbs. Unsatisfied, we decided to testify this information.

Milk providers turn down the trading justification

Moussa is beefs breeder in a farm of Dankpen, locality also knows as erea of beef milk abundance and its derived products. He grew up around beefs. He also participates to activities linked to the transformation of beef milk.

He tuns down Safia's arguments in bloc. « At this period, the majority of caws give birth and milk is not available. Some cows even di diarrhea because the consumed much. But a beef that has just given birth has less milk than the one that gave birth one month ago. » declared Moussa. He added that it is rather in raining season that the milk is rare.

Experts  for reframing the debate

Experts view desociates the two actors. According to them, the quality and the quantity of the milk can be linked to the feeding and the disponinility of water, but are not conditions of the diponibility of the milk.

Anyway, the disponibility of milk starts from the birth giving. The quantity of milk increases in the six first weeks following the birth of the calf.

Generally, Cows give birth in Togo at the end of the raining season or in dry season.  Without Gestate, there is no milk. This view testifies the argument of Moussa.

Synthesis  of the views 

We have to notice after this discussion that the disponuibility of « wagache » and beef milk are linked. Depending on the habits of the country, these two products are more available in the dry season than in the raining season.

Talking of seasons, it appears that cheeses made of cows milk costs less expensive in dry season than in raining season. Considering the reproductive cycle, cheese will be available during the period where beefs give birth.

Nevertheless, some other conditions can inflience the venerale rule. This is not contracditory to all that we have said in this discussion.

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