At the occasion of the celebration of his country’s independent day on Friday, M. Mohamed Karim Sherif, the representative of Egypt at post in Lome insisted on the growing of rough and soft weath  in the modern agricultural farm of Abatchang (Fameta) in Tchaoudjo (northern Togo).

It is a project financed by Egyptian Agency of Partnership of Development whose General manager, Dr Hazem Fahmy was in Lome in 2016.

According to M. Sherif, "These crops will be done on 25 hectares taking into account agro business and profitability".

He explained that "the rough weath is good for cookies and pasta while the soft one serves for bead".

The first results of Abatchang

The project is piloted by both Togolese and Egyptian ministries of Agriculture.

"Begun in November 2017, the project is promising and the first results are encouraging » recognised the pharaohs' representative.

During the experimental period, Togolese peasants had favorable yields per hectare.

"Thank to this success, the project will take into account corn, rice, sorghum, soy and peanuts", announced the representative of Egypt in Togo

Picture Dr Hazem Fahmy

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