New agro pastoral center of research

The natives realized that for a better performance, producers must be well-trained and well-supervised and best practices have to be disseminated.

It is for this reason that supported by the government, they took the initiative to equip their prefecture with a new agro pastoral research and application center (CeRAA) to train people in breeding and plant production in order to make them real agricultural entrepreneurs.

Poultry houses will be built for raising chickens, layers and guinea fowl. Practical training will also include market gardening, pig farming and small ruminants.

A laboratory of excellence is also planned to study and propose the best varieties or seeds. In addition to the educational component, the project also intends to contribute to the development of the region.

A modern VIP hotel is therefore planned. It will contain rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, craft exhibition halls, recreation areas and so on. To this will be added a modern infirmary, a football field, a concert and theater space. 

Assisted by his colleague of agriculture, Ouro-Koura Agadazi, the minister of youth and basis development,Victory Tomegah-Dogbe declared: "Agriculture is not meant to impoverish people, but rather enrich them. Also, the earth does not deceive and has never deceived. We support this initiative because this center will help improve production on the ground in order to make the most of this first wealth of agriculture."

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