Value chains in the spotlight at CETEF

An innovation by Johnson Kueku-Banka, director of the International Market of Lome, who reveals his love for value chains.

"1,000 exhibitors and 300,000 visitors are expected at (Togo2000)," Banka said.

For this edition, Burkina Faso, the guest country of honor of this great commercial mass will showcase all its knowledge in the production of shea butter, sesame, cashew, cotton and other products that make this country special.

The head of IML hopes that Togolese agricultural actors will benefit from the exchange of this expertise.

The Minister of Commerce, Bernadette Legzim-Balouki, at the launching ceremony on Thursday, reminded that the edition of this year "will offer as an opportunity the promotion of the exchanges and service of all sectors of economic activity. Meetings between professionals for the development of commercial activities between the different states ".

She stressed that the 2018 edition will be a great opportunity for Togo and Burkina to activate the niches of production and marketing of agricultural goods, semi-processed and industrial.

Understand the terms sector and value chains

The sector is defined as all the activities of the industries related to a commodity. The term sector is related to the material that enters the whole process; cotton sector for example.

A sector is composed of a set of value chains. The particularity of the value chain is that it is oriented by a market or a finished product that guides the chain.

This is how we talk about chocolate value chain, dried pineapple, local chickens.

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