A project to promote domestic coffee consumption in Africa

A project to promote domestic coffee consumption in Africa has been formalized. "The project is part of the logic of the transformation and consumption of local products," said Enselme GOUTHON, General Secretary of the Coordinating Committee for Coffee and Cocoa Sectors (CCFCC) of Togo.

Coffee trade may be booming in developed consumer countries, but prices on world markets are very low. Negative effects are felt in countries where coffee production and marketing are vital activities in the economy.

"This poor economic situation is provoked by the current imbalance between the supply and the demand, and as this imbalance is recurrent in the coffee market, it is necessary to create conditions that can preserve the dynamics of the coffee sector in African countries whatever the external shock, "justifies Dr. Denis SEUDIEU, representative of the ICO.

Estimated up to $ 510,000, the project is supported by the International Coffee Organization (ICO) for the period 2019-2020.

"The Togolese government will give all its support to the realization of the activities of this project that the implementation will surely allow the development of processing units, the creation of added value and the creation of jobs, allow terms to pull coffee production up," reassures Kodzo Adedze, Togolese trade minister.

He invited delegates from IACO member countries to identify the real obstacles and propose structuring actions to further organize the coffee sector, strengthen local professional and cooperative organizations and improve the competitiveness of processing units in Africa.

The promotion of coffee consumption is part of the IACO's five-year strategy endorsed by its members at its 57th Annual General Meeting held in February 2018 in Grand Bassam (Ivory Coast). This effort will be part of the key programs of the African Coffee Support Facility.

All African coffee producing countries signatories of the 2007 International Coffee Agreement are members of the IACO and, in accordance with guidelines established by the IACO General Assembly, will benefit from the activities of the Support Facility.

In Africa, coffee is a cash crop on which depend the survival of the rural populations representing more than 60% of the total population.

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