He claims all of his achievements (home, craft, education of children etc.) thanks to the tomato crop.

Although, the last two years, revenues have slightly fallen, he thinks that it is a very promising culture.

In addition to tomato, Edorh helped by his wife, also grown carrots, beets, onions, and cucumbers on nearly an hectare.

At Assou-kondji (40km to the northern east of Lomé) where Agridigitale met him, Edorh is rather a happy gardener, who despite his age, keeps the passion to watering his crops and ensure the grain to their qualities.

The best moment for tomatoes

We are doing tomato right now because it's the right time. Tomato takes time to ripen when it is cool. Therefore, we sow it preferably in the middle of the monsoon. If you do it before, it will take time to mature.

Seeds are available in stores or with women in the market.

According to the qualities, there is the box of 7000Fr or 8000Fr and 22.000Fr.

The box of 22.000Fr requires the spending of 150.000Fr. CFA to acquire inputs and pay workers.

Before we used the sprinklers, then we went to the fittings. Currently, it is the band system.

The law of the market

With our surface, we can harvest eight times thirty baskets. If it costs on the market, it suits us, but when the tomato is full, we have all the problems of the world.

It is the market that decides the price. Last week they did the basket at 30.000Fr. We hope that the price will remain at that level till the next harvest. Thank God I'm in my own House that I built doin gardening. I have six children, four have their license.

The tontine is less stressful than microfinance

Formalities at the level of microfinance are too complex. Sometimes, it lasts all the season.

Sometimes we get into group to apply for loans, but the financing does not arrange us. For example if you ask 200.000Fr, they will give you 80.000Fr and set you the payment delay at the same time. While it must be long-term.

Sometimes the purchase for lack of payment makes people fear for microfinance. They prefer to work with tontines. Personally, I opted for tontines and it works.

They are more understanding. They give us the opportunity to pay after the performance.  Somewhere else, the financiers come to to the producers.

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