It concerns farmers of Sadori, Blitta, Notsé, Agou, Kovie, Agomeglozou and Tagnamboul. 

“Being part on the platform is very important for the farmer because it contributes a lot to the identified for a better service.”  says Edeh Dona Etchri, Manager of e -

"The process is flexible with benefits for the farmer," added him in this exclusive interview on Sunday to agridigitale newspaper.

Why should the farmer join e-agribusiness?

The farmer part on this platform will safely have its grants or funding without anyone intermediary. A grant that the State will provide for example cannot be diverted. The farmer will be the only recipient. It is the business to business.

The identification of farmers also allows the opening up for those in rural areas. Even if he or she does not master mobile phone, Smartphone or Internet, is not an obstacle.  He is already recognized by the authorities, the partners and buyers on the platform and can therefore do great business. He can also receive advice from certified State agronomists to improve his productivity. 

How does it work?

The collection of data in the field is coordinated by the MIFA.

Agents are available in the areas of intervention of the project. Information needed on a given actor, on among others, his business, his family life, his picture. After, they will be included in the geographic information system.

With the MIFA, the procedures are simplified. Once the farmer is identified, it's over. We produce the average farmer a biometric card that allows him to be able to secure its transactions in the agricultural value chain. He immediately has an electronic wallet to receive subsidies from the State, to be able to spend in the value chain.

It's an ecosystem where the money flows without that nobody sees. It is only in the end, with the benefit that can make cash-out and out his money and spend it as you want.

The next step is to present his business plan to bankers and of the provisions are taken upstream with the farm (ECA) advisers to help them develop the business plan.

The banker will study the business plan, and if the project is approved, the banker will create lines of credits to all suppliers who will be involved in the implementation of the business plan.

Through MIFA, the Bank will disburse the funds to the banker who will put these funds provisions of the farmer.

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