New power plant

A ministerial decree authorized the signing of the concession agreement for the design, financing, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance and transfer at the end of the concession.

This new plant to be built on Lome Port site is attributed to ERANOVE company. It will have a capacity of 65 MW tri-fuel to bring the country's own electricity capacity to 193 MW.

"Despite the efforts in the sector, the government continues to import electricity, hence the need to increase our own capacity by building a new plant," said the official statement of the ministerial council of October 13.

Through this decree, the government is demonstrating its desire to secure the supply of quality electric power at an affordable cost.

Long before that, other sources of energy emerged like the Global Contour Giant, but so far access to energy remains a challenge.

The high cost of energy hampers industrialization, the cost of manufactured products and therefore the economy.

It is shown that a product made in China can cost up to 4 times less than the same product made in Togo, the high cost of energy being among the causes.

In Ghana, it is almost half the cost of energy compared to the energy supplied to the customers of the Electric Power Company of Togo (CEET) and this thanks to the availability of electricity specific to the country.

The use of renewable energies and the creation of Togolese Rural Electrification and Renewable Energies Agency (AT2ER) is a salutary action.

The development of the national potential in renewable energies, their promotion and popularization and the realization of the rural electrification works as entrusted to this agency in accordance with the new strategies of electrification, will somehow contribute to solve this equation.

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