Protecting whales against all risks

Even though Japan's announcement to resume commercial whaling and leave the International Whaling Commission (IWC) last December is just as indignant and outrageous among the cetacean supporters, Togo is cautious and adopts a measured position.

This support is reaffirmed by the Togolese Minister in charge of agriculture, Ouro-Koura AGADAZI, following the reception of the shipment of Japanese rice last Friday at the Port of Lome.

"As far as whaling is concerned, Togo has always been at the side of Japan to support all the ideas and approaches of solution that Japan issues as part of the protection of the whale," said the minister.

He states that this support will include "the provision of whale meat for scientific research, health or in many other fields".

These Tokyo arguments to hunt whales for scientific or commercial purposes are defeated by some defenders who are at the same time regretted its decision to withdraw from the IWC in charge of protecting whales against all risks.

Regardless of the diversity of opinion on the issue of whale hunting, these species deserve better protection for the preservation of the marine ecosystem.

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