Faure Gnasingbe (author picture Louis Vincent)

"Add value to our raw materials by focusing first on the phosphate industry and the transformation of our agricultural products, and thus take advantage of diversity and the importance of the contribution of the sector primary to our economy," declared the head of the state.

As far as the agricultural sector is concerned, Faure Gnassingbe thinks that it is important to focus on a limited number of channels and control the value chain by creating a transformative ecosystem.

According to him, "the automatisation and the full performance of machines make less dependent on value chains of the labor costs".

To make Togo quickly reach the industrialization, the president recalled the big lines of the national development Plan (NDP) which proposes to implement solutions in financing, human capital business environment which allow investors to succeed.

 To conclude, he assures that:  "Togo has no reason to fear for its future. We are ready to face it right now".

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