“Since the adoption of this strategy, the production of rice went from 85.637tons in 2008 to 140.519tons in 2017. That is a rise of 64.09%”, Said   Ramilison Harifidy, the representative of CARD today in Lome.

During this phase, the focus was on the intensification of capacities of farmers and local actors, the production, transformation and commercialization of rice working on the Organization of the seed, the dispersion of varieties adapted to rain-fed rice including NERICA, provision of inputs, and facilitation of the access to credit and market for producers.

Togo is not yet satisfied. The country wants to improve its performances.

That is why the government subscribed for the second phase of the Coalition for African Rice Development (CARD).

Accordind to M. Harifidy, in the second phase, CARD, still with its partners among others FIDA, JICA, BAD, FAO… will take into account the problem related to climate changing, competitiveness, management of water and landed in order to eradicate the importation of rice into Togo after 2030.

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