MASKOR was equipped with a system of recognition of weeds

Manual weeding being still very laborious, technology now provides a very effective answer. Cape to Aix-la-chapelle, in the North Rhineland, border town between Belgium and Netherland, located 70km from Cologne where the 5th edition of Field Day (Feld Tag) has been celebrated on Thursday. 

An opportunity for farmers in the region to touch the latest innovations introduced in agriculture. Pesticide-free ecological weeding has been at the heart of trade this year.

The 100% ecological weeding explains the specialists, is an electro-physical destruction with root action on the weeds. Robots exhibited during this day have the ability to select weeds and send them an electric shock.

Equipped with a system of recognition of weeds, MASKOR ensures their destruction in an autonomous way. The standimg alone Robot for weeding is also coupled with an ETAROB system (accessories for tractors equipped with electric system) and an XPower system able to function on the basis of fuel or solar energy. Maskor can weed 3 to 5 hectares by day.

A big test expected in Togo

This robot is the work of engineers from the University of Aachen in Rhineland, who received the prize of the best innovation. Maskor, which is being produced massively is also highly expected in Africa. "The first tests can be done in the soybean fields in Togo," said Lambert Nayante, head of Calafi Company, invited to this day.

"We will see how to implement this system for organic soybean cultivation.The steps for testing large areas in Togo are ongoing. Cultivating organic in Togo will significantly increase the income of farmers and in addition make our country one of the pioneers of the subregion in organic farming", added him.

Robot-free organic pesticide and fungicide-free weed control for organic crops comes at a time where there is widespread criticism of the use of glyphosate and its impact on human health.

The use of the robot will make it possible to use fewer chemicals that are sources of disease. Weeds that are destroyed by electric shocks provide a healthier vision of environmentally friendly crops.

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