Muguemane kokou KANTAMI poultry farmer in Korbongou

"With a grant of 140 million CFA from the World Bank Group, the government through PASA project installed 40 commercial livestock farms, including 21 poultry farms and 19 small ruminant farms," entrusted on Tuesday the director of agriculture and livestock of savannah region (North-Togo).

The grant helped to build improved housing for poultry houses and sheepfolds in the region, to equip the nucleus and to build a veterinary kit to cover a breeding cycle.

"All these conditions combined allowed poultry farmers and small ruminants to increase their livestock," he said.

Mr. Lardja testifies that "the living conditions of the beneficiaries changed because many have improved their habitat and disposed of means of displacement".

In Korbongou, Kokou makes the difference

Muguemane kokou KANTAMI is a poultry farmer in Korbongou (18km north east of Dapaong) since 1996 and continues today to prove himself in the field.

Started from 200 heads of poultry with a turnover of 350 thousand, he reached 800 heads since the support of PASA; which allowed him to make a turnover of 900 thousand per campaign.

"I benefited 3.5 million from the project since 2015. These funds allowed me to build 04 henhouses and pay an incubator with a capacity of 360 eggs," he says.

The project also allowed kokou to start producing the chicks and guinea fowl that he finds more profitable and that is also rapidly flowing into the market.

"Only for this season, I dumped 720 keets and 420 chicks on the local market," he adds.

Revenues from the various sales allowed Kokou to install a pump to easily draw water from his well, pay a refrigerator for the storage of various vaccines, he also takes care of his family.

Apart from that, he benefits from the manure he uses to make an improved compost. For this same campaign, he sold 5 tons of this compost.

All this success attracts some trouble: flights of his guinea fowl and especially the lack of control of certain diseases that sometimes hit the livestock.

DJABIGOU goes from 35 to 142 heads

In Timanga village, (15 km from Dapaong), Goumma DJABIGOU is an outstanding livestock breeder.

"I started my breeding in the round huts (in bancos) with a workforce of 35 cattle. I benefited in 2015 from PASA project up to 3.5 million CFA, which allowed me to build a large Well improved pens that can contain a higher number of animals. Thus, from 35 heads I have today 142 heads of cattle, "testifies Goumma. The breeder testifies that the sells improved as far as the incomes.

"From a turnover of 250 thousand, I make today, 1 million CFA. A part of the income is reinvested for the enlargement of the livestock, the rest to take care of the needs of the family", said Djabigou, very satisfied.

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