nothing to fear for PNPER

Only IFAD with its current manager Gilbert Houngbo contributed to 10.8 billion.

The project is planned to end up by 2020. But, up to date, there are only 13% of physical accomplishments with a rate of cumulative disbursement of 1.487. 704. 976 CFA. That is 08% of the total budget of the PNPER and 12% of IFAD's resources.

Seemingly, this lateness does not worry the partners of the project.

"There is no time lost. There is a time to learn, a time for lessons. The main thing is that with all the time taken by the project, we get to make it easier for more results”, declared Martin Lisandro, Director of West and Central Africa division of IFAD.

In fact, the project started with many difficulties due to its complexity. Acknowledge the holders of the project.

Neither the operational devices, nor the process of mobilization of funds to service providers were mastered.

Improvements were made to the project by IFAD in partnership with the government to facilitate the procedures for access to financial and non financial resources for rural youth.

New actors have been integrated into the implementation of the project. Targeting procedures have also been revised taking into account the improvement of the capabilities of these young beneficiaries.

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