Ready to fight against hunger (picture agridigitale)

According to the 2018 report on the state of food security and nutrition in the world, more than 820 million people were chronically undernourished in 2017, an increase of 17 million compared to 2016.

But, at the same time, efforts are being made at the level of production.

"The world produces enough food to feed all its inhabitants," says Kolani Dindiogue, office director of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

It means that lonely, production is not enough to conquer hunger in the world. There are other factors to consider.

"Of course, we have to produce enough to feed everyone, but if there is no peace we cannot have food security. Droughts, floods, instability, unrest and wars are undermining the world's progress towards the 2030 goal of eliminating hunger, " declared Oyetounde Djiwa, program officer at FAO in Togo.

The celebration in Togo

This year, the world food day will be celebrated in Sotouboua (North-Togo).

Yet, on October 13, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, FAO organized a caravan browsing Lome, the capital.

This caravan is part of the 22nd Telefood Day decided by the UN agency for agriculture to draw the attention of all actors to issues related to hunger, malnutrition and poverty so that everyone can play their partition to overcome the phenomenon of hunger.

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