Started on 04 July, this agricultural mass allowed everyone in the value chain to the State of affairs of agriculture, breeding and fishing in Togo. 

The Minister of agriculture, Ouro-Koura AGADAZI at the end of the work of the forum has reassured the farmers, ranchers, fishermen, inputs manufacturers, distributors, traders and financial institutions on the determination of the Government to agricultural development of the country.

Although the results are encouraging, as agriculture alone has contributed 40 percent to the national GDP current 2017, allowing the reduction of poverty in the country, recommendations were made in the place of the State to improve on the one hand, the returns in the years to come and the conditions of life and work of producers on the other hand.

Among other recommendations: the need for training in the place of the farmers, the intensification on the structuring process and registration of cooperative society, support the training of technicians and senior agricultural cooperative business management, strengthen the Institute for advice and support (ICAT) Technique for cooperative development, institutionalize the procurement procedures of markets a mechanism facilitating the access of local artisans at markets for the acquisition of equipment (allow a quota), the visibility of local products through the consumer awareness, advertising and the multiplication of the windows of local products, grant facilities to encourage certification and the presentation (packaging, labelling) local products, encourage the sale per kilogram of agricultural products in local markets.

To promote the marketing and consumption of agricultural animals and fish Togolese, the forum suggests to equip farmers to an analysis of the quality of the fish products laboratory, subsidize the acquisition of inputs in the production animal and fish, tariff measures to discourage the imports and protect the domestic market and strengthen the regulatory framework for the promotion of local products.

The forum also recommended to intensify the promotion and development of the cultures of annuities (coffee-cocoa cotton, cashew, soybean and shea nuts, etc.), expedite the adoption of the law on the interprofession and the regulatory authority (coffee and cocoa and other streams), increase the number of staff for support, advice and research, promote the transformation and local consumption of coffee, cocoa and soya, implement the land code in a short period of time, protect the plantations of cashew nut against the phenomenon of transhumance.

On their side, Togolese producers are committed to work for the effective implementation of the unions, in order to allow the possibilities of self-financing by the contributions of the actors.

It is for them to support the Government in its efforts for development of the sector, implement the mechanisms of mobilization of resources by capture on the streams and seize the opportunity of theactor to raise funds necessary for the development of these sectors from banks.

Also, it's copter technicians for support other than those of the support of the State structures, start the awareness in the focus groups, well manage inputs available to them, stay true to the culture of cotton, produce the Shea butter organic and quality to enable Togo to position itself on the international market as a potential supplier of butter that can be used as a substitute for cocoa butter in the manufacture of chocolate.

For better use of Togolese agricultural products, producers are committed to deliver products of quality and to meet agreements, processors are committed to addressing the control for the certification of their structures products, formalize their units and to make real businesses and structure themselves better and to share information.

On the marketing side, the windows are committed to exhibitors require the possession of a certificate of safety prior to acceptance of any product on their shelves.

About the marketing and promotion of consumption of agricultural animals and fish Togolese, the forum recommends to create a federation to work together with the State for a better support and accompaniment in their activities, produce in sufficient quality and quantity to feed the Togolese population and export if possible.

Regarding the promotion of women and young people in the agricultural sector, the agricultural world proposes to better organize themselves to seize the opportunity offered by the head of State to reserve 20% of public procurement to youth and women.

See you to 2019  for the 11th edition to evaluate the implementation of all these recommendations.

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