MOUKPE Essodeke Bruno

This NGO deals with the protection, rehabilitation and family and social integration of these children.

Its actions include small and large scale awareness campaigns, capacity building trainings, facilitation of cooperation and stakeholder networking to more effectively protect children from violations of their rights in a sustainable way.

"Up to date, our actions helped protect, rehabilitate and prepare 2,600 children for family and social reintegration. Among them 625, of which 275 girls with an average age of about 12 years passed through our reception center, Kandyaa, "said MOUKPE Essodeke Bruno, Executive Director of the NGO.

The agro-pastoral farm of CREUSET TOGO

It is created with the support of various international organizations such as Kinderrechte-Afrika, BMZ, the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs, some churches and embassies of America and Germany in Togo.

"Thanks to these supports, we managed to acquire and develop from 2016, an agropastoral site on 23 hectares, about 8 km from the city of Sokode. There, we grow maize, cassava, yams, millet, rice, beans, peanuts and ginger, fruit trees, market gardening and raising laying hens, guinea fowl, sheep and goats as well as rabbits. There are also medicinal plants to fight tropical diseases, including Artemisia as an antimalarial weapon", said Essodeke.

Its purpose is to make a major contribution to the basic food and nutritional needs of children in the protection center and to move to autonomy.

In addition to food self-sufficiency, this agro-ecological farm wants to create a protective environment for older children, willing to accept vocational training in agriculture, livestock and agroforestry, thus opening up future prospects for them.

"We are looking to increase revenues by selling farm products that are not needed for consumption to meet their needs in terms of clothing, health and training," added the Executive Director.

The protection of these socially excluded children should no longer be the concern of CREUSET TOGO only. Any contribution is welcome to revive the lost hope of these young children, who are, above all, the future.

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