Is necessary to refer to meteorological information

He points out that his service has the tools required to inform producers in a predictive way on several natural factors (rainfall, temperature, humidity, cloud cover or wind speed) that can negatively affect their crops.

"It is in the interest of farmers to follow the weather information in the exercise of their daily activity on their farm," he told agridigitale.

The respect of these councils, according to him, makes the peasant a rational operator.

"If you do a treatment and a few minutes later the rain comes to destroy it, it is a waste. But, referring to weather forecasts you can avoid that," he advises.

Apart from the daily forecasts, Togolese weather service also makes the seasonal forecast available to technical agents of ICAT and ITRA.

"This seasonal forecast is very important for farmers in the planning of their activities. So, we do it at the beginning of the season to give them a rough idea of ​​what might happen during the farming season," he explained.

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