The revival of textile industries should no more last

"Currently, there is a mission to study the installation of processing plants of cotton fiber fabric and the valuation of this fabric through the known wax loincloth" revealed Noel Koutera Bataka, Minister of agriculture invited Thursday on the national television (TVT).

For him, the government is involved in this agro-industrial transformation and with the ongoing negotiations, the cotton sector will be further promoted. "41% of the cotton fiber is still unprocessed," he pointed out.

The time of rebirth!

For minister Bataka, it is time to change our mind for the transformation of raw materials and create more added value. "The transformation in the agricultural sector is not only the transformation of products but rather the transformation of the whole chain of organization. That is to work on the transformation of the cash crops by setting up the factories of valorization of products we export," he said.

He noted that today, "the fabric of transformation is felt much more in small businesses that need to be upgraded."

"For the industries to set up, there must be certitude of the availability of the raw material, which explains the government's policy to launch the agropolis of concentrating on a territory, a whole industries and processing units that will take better advantage of their synergy. These industries will structurally organize production, secure the raw material and put on the market processed products," he explained.

The expectations are huge!

The agriculture sector is very hopeful and the expectations are enormous.

"As we ask him to ensure food security, it means that we ask him to play a triple role: that of improving the income of the agricultural population, to help reduce the deficit of our balance of trade by developing the export and finally generate massive employment," analyzed the boss of Togolese agriculture.

He reassures that all these challenges can only be met through agribusiness. "We are at the beginning of the industrialization of Togolese economy from industrialization in the agri-food sector," said Minister Bataka

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